Thursday, May 21, 2015


Silent as the grave, Tae-suk places advertisements on different homes, over their door knobs.  Later that evening, he returns to check if an advertisement remained, and if so he would pick the lock, check the answering machine to see if the owners had left a message saying they would be going out of town, and if they did, he would settle in.  Eat their food, take a bath, wash any dirty clothes the owners had left and sleep in their bed.  He leaves the residence in a better state than he came to it, and he steals nothing but some food.

By accident, he runs into a companion, who wants to live this free life of silence and mystery.  All of that is fine until they get caught.

* * *

A ghost story without ghosts.

Taoism teaches us the way of the small, the insignificant. It demonstrates that true power rests in the slow, quiet movement, in that which cannot be observed easily. Leaders try to make a "moment" a powerful drama to change society with . Taoism says that this is not the correct way to lead. True leadership comes in the releasing, the movement behind the scenes.

So what if in our lives everything on the surface looked the same, or even better, but in the background, in the really-real of all things, everything was different? Is love in the foreground, the power, the elaborate gift, or is love really found in the quiet, the silent, the unseen?

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