Friday, January 29, 2016


Ingrid has just become blind. She's too afraid to go out of her home, has a strained relationship with her husband and types on her computer all day. Her husband is gently nagging her to go to an event, to go outside sometimes. And he sometimes stays in the apartment, silent, to see what she's doing.

There are studies that show that people who are isolated torture themselves, and delve deeper into an increasingly unbalanced psyche. That fundamentally, to force someone to be in isolation, like in a prison or in a mental institution, only increases aberrant behavior and makes it more difficult for them to connect to others. As if the muscle of "getting along" weakens with lack of use, and that muscle is connected to "paranoid fantasy" which gains greater use. This film brilliantly illustrates this.

It is full of simple but mind-bending subjective scenes, filling us with questions until the end. But, like Jacob's Ladder, once we are given the answer, there is no need to question or to consider the film anymore. So while it is satisfying while watching, I wish there was even more to chew on.

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