Friday, September 16, 2011

Top 100 Films #40-31

40.   A Serious Man
Trope: It Gets Worse

39.   Groundhog Day
Trope: Deadpan Snarker

38.   The Brother’s Bloom
Trope: One Last Job

37.   Fight Club
Trope: Sensei for Scoundrels

36.   Three Colors: Blue
Trope: Fade to Black

35.   Being There
Trope: Chance the Gardener

34.   The Children of Men
Trope: Apocalypse How

33.   Apocalypse Now
Trope: River of Insanity

32.   Malcolm X
Trope: Malcolm Xerox

31.   The Emperor’s New Groove
Trope: Rule of Funny

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