Thursday, June 25, 2015

Top 10 Movies to Give an Alien

Top 5 Movies To Teach An Alien about Earth
So here comes Starman, looking just like Jeff Bridges.  He convinces you that he's an okay guy, no wonder because he looks just like The Dude, and then he convinces you he's an alien, and no wonder because he acts just like the Dude.  But he's a bit naive and, well, clueless about what's going on.  What movies should we give him to get an idea of what life is like here?

5. Breaking Away—Describes the working class, the dependence on limited resources, the hopes of teens and has the competition and victory of a typical sports movie.

4. When Harry Met Sally—A sincere example of friendship and love with some sex thrown in.  Hopefully he won't learn that orgasms are okay in public.

3. Parenthood—Although played for laughs, this movie does show the drives and hopes and fears of parents.  And teach him a clear warning about blowjobs while driving.

2. Salaam Bombay—The alien shouldn’t have the idea that all of humanity is white and Western.  This movie not only describes urban Indian culture, but also the real poverty that a billion people live in.

5. Schindler’s List:  Shows both the inhumanity of some humans as well as the underground compassion of some, and how humans can use lies and manipulation for good.  This also provides a good contrast to Salaam Bombay.

Top 5 Movies To Warn An Alien About Humanity:

Suppose you didn’t LIKE aliens?  Then you would show him/her/it these movies and they will leave with their tentacles throbbing in fear of unstable humanity.  Or they might just decide to wipe us out for the sake of the universe as a whole.  But what is life without risks?:

Signs—Humans run around, scared to death, trying to kill the unseen which turns out to be friendly aliens.

The Day the Earth Stood Still—Through the fear of a single human, humanity and aliens go to war.

The Iron Giant—Through the paranoia of a single human, despite the good intentions of other humans, the alien sacrifices himself for them all

E.T.—The alien becomes an object of fear and scientific experimentation of a huge, faceless human institution.

Aliens—This movie, from the viewpoint of an alien, shows just horrific humans are: A human breaks her promise to the mother alien and then kills all of the alien’s children.  If this doesn’t cause the alien to leave earth, nothing will.

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  1. the Iron Giant. I love that movie. I remember watching it with my family.