Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Can We Live In Our Dreams? (Paprika, 2006)

83. Paprika (2006)

In Brazil, Sam chases his dreams.  In Inception, dreams are visited.  In Paprika, the line between dream and reality evaporates. 

In order to provide therapy for patients, dreams are viewed and eventually enter the real world.  But this becomes problematic, as the dream world is, at best, a cracked reflection of the real world, and our own personas in dreams are unlike who we are in reality.  In dreams, even our desires and ambitions are warped and unlike our awake selves.

Should there be no separation between dream and reality, it would be as if our evil twins came to life, accomplishing feats we would not wish to see out of our dreams.  But who can say that it is not ourselves?  Should we do an evil act in a dream, we can say that it was “only” a dream.  But if dream becomes reality, then are we not the source of the evil act, and should we not be held responsible? 

No, let it never be.  Let our dreams remain in their own ethereal, nebulous world, where they belong, mysterious and unknowable.

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