Sunday, January 29, 2012

Just Another Review of Moneyball


I don't like sports films.  At all.  I mean really. Some quick unpopular opinions: Hoosiers was boring. Field of Dreams had some good moments, but overall was dull.  I did really love The Natural, but that's because it's a fairy tale, not about sports at all.  I like Grimm, I don't like sports.  I don't watch them, I think they are a waste of billions of hard-earned dollars.  There, I feel better having gotten that out of my system.

If Moneyball had been about baseball, I wouldn't have liked it.  Instead, it's about courage and ambition and how family effects business decisions and geeks v. tradition and lots of other human stuff.  Really, it seems that Sorkin is giving baseball the same treatment he gave Facebook-- it's about people, not about sport.  Well, it's not just about people, it's about risky business decisions and how it pans out.  But "panning out" has as much to do with relationships and a personal perspective that includes one's past.  In a sense, Moneyball is this years' Social Network, but not quite as good.  That still leaves a lot of room for good.

The one other thing I loved about Moneyball besides the script was the two main performances.  Pitt didn't look or sound like Pitt at all before 2011.  And this can only be a good thing.  This was a very human performance and his pacing was so different.  Not once did he give us his trademark grin.  And Jonah Hill was simply fantastic as the shy, geeky kid just coming into his own.  This is the kind of performance Hill should do more of, because he can actually act.  The couple comic lines he did here is more funny than many whole films he was in.  

I highly recommend this film, especially to people who don't like sports films.  That's what Jessica of The Velvet Cafe did for me, and I'm passing it on to anyone else who thinks a movie about baseball statistics must be the dullest thing ever.  Baseball statistics ARE the dullest thing ever.  This movie is wonderful.  

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