Friday, January 29, 2016


The very peak, the lowest depth of love is found in the perfect vulnerability. 

Right at the moment when desire turns the corner into need, even desperation, that is the terrible sweetness of our hearts. 

At that moment, our truest dreams can become reality, or our very souls can be shattered like a mirror dashed on the ground. 

What horror should we find ourselves completely open to our lover and our need is far less than theirs! 

And yet should our desire be requited with equal desire, can there be any other joy greater?

A film of supreme romance, it begins with a nod to David Lean's Brief Encounter. This gave me a pause, for a movie that reminds one of one of the great films is usually prone to disappoint. Although it did not hit the emotional heights of Brief Encounter, yet it took two steps beyond that earlier film, making it at least the equal, if not the greater film. Carol explores love with a depth that the earlier film did not. And it takes us past the brilliant bookends to see what we should have seen in Lean's classic-- the triumph of love.

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