Monday, February 8, 2016


I. Beauty

After a few minutes, I began considering this "The Pinterest Movie". A collection of beautiful images, cobbled together without much organization intended to stir awe and wonder. On a huge screen, I could imagine some of these images causing jaw-dropping amazement, but on a laptop, it feels like I'm going through a Google Images search of "beautiful".

II. Deconstruction

After I had been put into a lull, an artistic performance stuns the viewer, helping us realize that we are not in the movie we once thought. No longer sleepy, I awake to a breakdown of the beauty presented in the first part of the film. Even though this middle section continues none of the images from the first, in a sense this set of images destroys the beauty seen in the first section, forcing us to forget, to almost negate the beauty originally presented.

III. Restoration

Through religion, the directors seem to be saying, we can restore the world to the beauty that creation was intended to display. This is the weakest set of the three, because although we see a semblance of the beauty, it is neither as stunning as the first or any kind of antidote to the second.

I love the progress the film goes through, but I think it is religiously naive, and starts too slowly. Still, for a non-narrative film, it has a clear message and a lot of depth, especially in the second section.

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