Thursday, October 25, 2012

Is Religion Real? (Ordet, 1955)

#86-- Ordet (1955, Danish)

It certainly seems to the Borgen family that religion is dead.  Those who once believed drift away or are adamantly opposed to the faith.  Fundamentalists rise up against the community, rejecting all social standards and morals.  The only ones who truly believe are insane.  Bitter arguments rise up between true believers, causing hatred.  All because people firmly, certainly believe in God.  How can God truly be there, a loving, strong presence if there is such doubt, such hatred?

But in the final moment, when all hope is lost, something happens.  Maybe it is something that you can’t explain to others.  Maybe it is an event that someone would look at and scoff.  But you know, you believe.  Powerful, eternal love is real.  And love cares for you and your own.  This love is as real to you as the chair you sit on, the sun in the sky.   And that one experience changes everything.

Religion may or may not be real.  But that love that reaches across time and space to meet your needs—that God is real.  And no one can take him away from you.

Fun Fact: Carl Theodore Dryer directed some of the great early films, such as The Passion of Joan of Arc and Day of Wrath. Ordet is one of the most influential spiritual films of all time, movies like the meditative Silent Light imitate it. 

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