Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 24 - Your Favorite Animated or Children's Film

As a genre (although, in reality, animated/children’s film are TWO genres as there are many films that are one or the other, not both; Paprika anyone?)… ahem.  As a mismatched genre, this is (these are) easily my favorite(s). Animated films, especially. Some don’t care for voice acting, some don’t appreciate animation as an emotional art, but for me it is perfect. Disney, Miyazaki, Pixar, heck, even Dreamworks and WB on good days. 

But which one could I choose? We've already covered a lot of ground here on the 30 day challenge.  I already talked about Spirited Away.  And Finding Nemo. And Nausicaa. And The Emperor’s New Groove. And Princess Mononoke. And Wall-E. What is left? 

Let me pick another from among my favorite animated films: The Lion King. It is fantastic melodrama with excellent songs. Probably the most moving, most Shakespearean of all of Disney’s films. The voice acting is some of the best out there and the animation is, at points spectacular.

Just watch it again. 

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