Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 23 - Your Favorite Thriller/Mystery Film

Due to my father’s influence I am a fan of mysteries—both books and film.  It is said that an exegete’s favorite genre is mystery because they are people drawn to puzzles.  However, most puzzles that are presented on the screen bore me.  They are too easy to figure out, or they spell out too much, telling us what they should just be showing us (my biggest problem with the film Inception last year).  

Rear Window, however, is perfect.  Not only does it have my favorite actor (James Stewart), one of the most beautiful actresses of all time (Grace Kelly) and an amazing character actor (Thelma Ritter), but it is Hitchcock’s best directed film.  There are so many windows to distract us, so many questions, so many reasonable doubts, not only is it a great film, but it is a great mystery.  Such a joy to behold. 


  1. I was just talking with another film lover this weekend, my Mom about Ryan Gosling and how talented he is. I’ve seen several of his movies as I was as struck by him in the Notebook as many of you were. I have watched him transform into a myriad of characters and nail every single character I’ve had the pleasure of watching him play. Those types of characters that branch out of their original prototype are the real makers of Hollywood legends. I picked up a movie recently at Blockbuster starring Ewan McGregor, Naomi Watts, and Ryan Gosling after reading the back cover and thinking it would be a great film for my love of psychological thrillers. My usual issue is that I’m not as thrilled as I feel I should be and I get bored and irritated by the whole aspect of the film right down to the directing. Now what really makes me happy is that unbeknownst to me I was in for a mind ride which just really puts hope back in my heart for psychological thrillers. I’m also lucky I rented this film because I was able to watch it more than once which was definitely needed; it simply had me in tears. I was glad when I found out through at Dish Network that we were acquiring Blockbuster, as I knew getting movies was about to get a lot easier and there would be more available. Now there are no late fees or due dates and it, works pretty much like Netflix but better. I am just a simple film nut, always will be and I will always be looking out for the next best film. The unique one that will take my mind and bend it sideways for a while, so I am living in a half reality for a while. I had this film for a while and eventually bought it and have it in my collection now, but it gave me hope that was needed in this type of genre and the actors of tomorrow.

  2. The film ameyer is speaking about is Stay, and you can read more about it here: