Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 12: A Film By Your Least Favorite Director

I don’t have a “least favorite” director. Who thinks of these things? Who would want to spend time thinking of the people who make the worst movies? Sure, if one director specifically stood out…  

But for me, while there is no “worst” director, there are sadly overrated directors. And the prize for that—were I handing out awards for such a dubious honor—goes to Woody Allen. If I were a New Yorker, perhaps I’d like him better, but his humor mostly misses and his Bergman worship is overwrought. And the most overpraised film of this overpraised director is Annie Hall

Look, I can appreciate what Allen was trying.  There are excellent ideas there and a fun notion. The breaking down of the fourth wall was excellent.  But if someone is going to write a romantic comedy, there are two elements that, by definition, it should succeed in: it should have attractive characters and it should be funny.  Annie Hall fails in both of these areas. Frankly, since the mid-70's, Allen hasn't really made very funny movies.  Crimes and Misdemeanors was an excellent, thoughtful drama. But funny?  No. And Annie Hall adds injury to this insult by not having a single character that is likable. Finally, what is the point of the film?  It doesn't seem to go anywhere.  Annie has a character arc, but is that it?  

Well, I’d better shut up now because I’m going to get enough hate mail.

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